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Our Mission


The Debra Deneise Smith Foundation inspires, encourages, and supports DC, Maryland and Virginia students to and through college and vocational school by providing information, advising, and scholarships. The Debra Deneise Smith Foundation believes that students need and deserve education beyond high school. A lack of money should not be an obstacle to a student striving to achieve their goals.

The Debra Denise Smith Foundation is made up of individuals who value the importance of pouring back into the next generation. If we want to see change, it begins with them. Just like Debra Smith, our goal is to empower by way of love and stressing the importance of education. By doing things such as holiday-themed events ensures that children in our area have the opportunity to take part in activities that will strengthen their spirits and not feel left out. In addition, financial empowerment workshops, as well as job fairs and career training courses will make sure our young people are confident in their financial knowledge so that they can start a tradition of generational wealth. The scholarship fund is here to help alleviate the burden that continued education can cause. We want to show the young people of our area that they are loved, they have support and they can do and be whatever they envision for themselves. 

"Giving Back to Our Communities"

Debra Deneise Smith Foundation Inc.

announces the

2022 Debra Deneise Smith Foundation Scholarship Awards Program. 

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