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The Debra D. Smith Foundation was created to continue her legacy of motivation and love through community outreach and an annual scholarship.

One of the goals of the Debra D. Smith Scholarship Foundation is to provide graduating seniors, who have exemplified excellence through education and community service, with financial assistance toward various types of higher learning. It is important to support our children in whatever path they may take in life, whether that be a 2 or 4-year university or a vocational/technical program. Our vision is to create a community where all children know that the continued attainment of education is critical and within their grasp, regardless of financial ability. 

In the inaugural year of this foundation, we were able to provide four (4) graduating seniors with $1000 scholarships. While we will still continue to help as many young people as we can with funds for college, we would also like to shift some of our focus highlighting other career paths that might not include attending college.

Your donations will go towards career education, job fairs, training opportunities, and scholarships. 


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